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How to Create Marble Effect Stickers in Procreate

Creating marble effects in the Procreate app for iPad is super easy to do, using the liquify function (under Adjustments, the magic wand icon).

In just a couple of minutes, you can create lovely marbled effect stickers for your planner. Here’s how!

Download the planner sticker template HERE. If you are not sure how to use this template, check our our tutorial showing how to use our free sticker template to make printable stickers in Procreate HERE.

How to Create Marble Effect Stickers in Procreate

You will require

Download the template and import it into Procreate. Add a new layer for the design.

Select any brush (I used the oil brush which is part of the Procreate standard brushes). Paint a range of patterns and colors over the background.

Go the adjustments panel (the magic wand icon at the top left) and select liquify. You will see at the bottom of the screen, a set of tools opens with different options. Each of these will move the colors around. Try using a combination of the Twirl tool and Push tool to create a marble effect and don’t forget to experiment with the other tools!

If you want to add an opaque box over your background, create a new layer, paint a shape in white and then go to the layer panel, tap on the ‘n’ in the layer with the white shape, and then change the opacity as required.

TIP: an easy way to create a straight edged rectangle is to draw the rectangle, holding your finger or stylus down without lifting it when you have finished. Procreate will automatically straighten the lines after a couple of seconds.

To export your document, just select ‘share’ and choose your desired format.

And you’re done 🙂 Now just print the page onto adhesive paper or good quality printing paper if you plan to use adhesive to adhere the stickers to your planner page.

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