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Free Procreate Stamp Brush – Planner Stickers

Make your own custom planner stickers in Procreate using our free planner sticker stamp brush. Creating your own unique planner stickers using our brushes is so simple to do, just tap on the screen in Procreate and decorate your stickers to complement your planner layout.

How to Use The Planner Sticker Stamp Brushes

These stamp brushes are super-easy to use. Create a new document in Procreate, choose a sticker stamp from the Planner Sticker folder and tap on the screen. This will create a sticker. The sticker will be created in the color you have selected or you can add patterns, photos etc to create your own unique look.

Not sure how to decorate these stickers? Check out our list of techniques and ideas HERE!

How to Upload the Planner Sticker Stamp Brushes to Procreate

We have created the brushes using Procreate’s brushset format. This means it’s just a one tap process to load the brushes into Procreate.

Just download the file below to your iPad, tap on the file and your iPad will recognise the format and the brushes will automatically be uploaded to Procreate in their own folder.

Free Procreate Planner Sticker Stamp Brush

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