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Free Printable Bold Letters Templates

These free bold printable letters are a versatile addition to your crafting kit, classroom letter of the week project, home decor or anywhere else you need a printable letter or alphabet! You will find these blank letters are ideal for downloading and decorating by hand. Alternatively, you could print them onto colored or decorative paper for a quick finish!  All 26 letters of the alphabet are contained within this single zip file.

Matching Printable Bold Number Templates Set

We have a matching set of numbers HERE!

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Download Free Letters Template

Bold Letter Templates

Tips on How to Use Our Printable Letters in the Classroom

  1. Alphabet Learning: Introduce the alphabet to younger students by displaying large, bold letters around the classroom. You can use them as letter posters or hang them on a letter-of-the-week basis. Encourage students to identify the letters, their sounds, and words that start with each letter.
  2. Word Walls: Create a word wall using bold printable letters. Display commonly used words or thematic vocabulary on the word wall. This visual aid will help students recognize words, improve spelling, and expand their vocabulary.
  3. Name Tags: Print out bold letters for each student’s name. Use these name tags on their desks, lockers, or cubbies. It’s a great way to personalize the classroom and help students learn to recognize their names.
  4. Banner Displays: Create banners with printable bold letters to showcase various messages and themes. For instance, you could create a “Welcome” banner at the beginning of the school year or celebrate special occasions with custom banners.
  5. Interactive Bulletin Boards: Use bold printable letters for headers on bulletin boards. You can design bulletin boards related to topics being covered in class, seasonal themes, or to highlight student work.
  6. Spelling and Vocabulary Exercises: Cut out individual letters and laminate them for durability. Use these letter cards for spelling exercises or to teach vocabulary. Students can manipulate the letters to form words and practice their spelling.
  7. Sentence Building: Create sentence strips with bold letters for various sentence-building activities. You can use magnets or Velcro to make it interactive, allowing students to rearrange the words to create different sentences. Combining the letters into words using your favorite digital drawing app will make this easier for you.
  8. Literacy Games: Develop literacy games such as letter recognition challenges, word scavenger hunts, or word races using the bold printable letters.
  9. Labeling Classroom Objects: Label different objects in the classroom using bold letters. This helps reinforce word-object association and aids early readers in recognizing common items.
  10. Create Book Titles: When students create their own stories or books, they can use these bold letters to make eye-catching titles for their works.
  11. Math Activities: Use bold numbers (available to download for free here) along with the letters for counting, sorting, or simple arithmetic activities.
  12. Student-Created Classroom Decorations: Encourage students to design and create their own classroom decorations using bold letters. This could be part of a classroom decoration project or a special event.

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