Free Printable Letters

Free Printable Alphabet Letters

These free printable letters are a versatile addition to your crafting kit, classroom letter of the week project, home decor or anywhere else you need a printable letter or alphabet! Download using the buttons below.

You will find these blank letters are ideal for downloading and decorating by hand. Alternatively, you could print them onto colored or decorative paper for a quick finish!  All 27 letters (including the Spanish Ñ) are included in a single file, along with numbers 0 – 9 and punctuation.

More Free Printable Letters and Numbers

We have a lot more printable letters and numbers in a variety of styles. Check them out here  Free Printable Letters and Numbers!


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Download Letter Templates:

Plain Alphabet – Alphabet, Numbers and Punctuation (with serifs)

Plain Alphabet (Straight Lines) – Alphabet only (with straight lines for easy cutting) – perfect for kids and letter of the week projects

UPDATE! – I have an improved version of the straight line alphabet for free download here – FREE EASY CUT LETTER TEMPLATE.

Ways to Use The Printable Letters in The Classroom

The clear and simple style of both these alphabets makes them ideal for use in the classroom. If you’re a teacher, please take a look at these suggestions for how you could use these alphabets in your work.

  1. Word Walls: Create a word wall using print and cut out letters. Display frequently used words, sight words, or vocabulary words for various subjects. It helps reinforce literacy skills and aids students in writing and spelling.
  2. Bulletin Board Displays: Design visually appealing bulletin board displays using the letters. Create titles, headings, or motivational messages related to the current topic or theme.
  3. Alphabet Recognition: Cut out large letters of the alphabet and use them as flashcards or interactive materials to help young learners recognize and identify letters.
  4. Name Tags or Desk Labels: Print and cut out letters to create personalized name tags or desk labels for each student. It helps build a sense of ownership and community in the classroom.
  5. Spelling Practice: Use the letters for spelling practice activities. Students can arrange the letters to spell words or form sentences related to the lesson.
  6. Sentence Building: Provide students with individual letters to construct sentences or create simple stories. It reinforces sentence structure and encourages creativity.
  7. Math Activities: Utilize the letters for math activities such as forming numbers, solving equations, or representing mathematical concepts like fractions or decimals.
  8. Book Titles or Author Studies: Create book titles or author names using the letters when studying specific books or authors. It adds a fun and thematic element to the reading experience.
  9. Classroom Decorations: Incorporate the letters into classroom decorations or displays, such as classroom rules or positive affirmations.
  10. Interactive Learning Boards: Create interactive learning boards using the letters. For example, students can rearrange letters to match beginning sounds or rhyming words.
  11. Timeline Projects: Use the letters to label events or milestones on a classroom timeline. It aids in teaching history or sequential concepts.
  12. Literature Circles: Assign different letters to student groups during literature circles, and have them create presentations related to the assigned letter or words that start with that letter.
  13. Science Vocabulary: Display scientific terms or vocabulary on the classroom wall using the letters. It reinforces subject-specific language and terminology.
  14. Foreign Language Practice: Use the letters for foreign language activities. Students can practice spelling words or forming sentences in the target language.
  15. STEAM Projects: Incorporate the letters into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) projects, where students can design and create projects related to a specific letter or word.

By integrating print and cut out letters into various classroom projects, you can create an interactive and dynamic learning environment that fosters creativity, literacy, and active student participation. The versatility of these letters makes them a valuable resource across different subject areas and grade levels.

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10 thoughts on “Free Printable Letters

  1. Hi Kate,

    I am searching for a alphabet and numbers template that I can use for a book that I’m making at the moment.
    This book is about decorating cookies and in the back of the book I would like to put a template with numbers and alphabet.
    Is it possible for me to use your template? In the back of the book I can put your name.

    Hope to hear from you!

    Greetings from the Netherlands,
    Rosan Bakker

    1. Hello Rosan, sorry for the slow reply. Yes, that will be fine. If you would like me to put this in writing for you, you can email me at

      Thank you for getting in touch and good luck with the book!

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