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Free Printable Bold Number Templates

These free bold printable numbers are ideal for making numbers for birthdays, anniversaries, posters for classrooms – and anywhere where you need a decorative number

These are large numbers which will print on letter/a4 size paper or can be sized smaller if required.

Matching Letters

We have a set of letters that match this style HERE.

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You will find these blank numbers are ideal for downloading and decorating by hand. Alternatively, you could print them onto colored or decorative paper for a quick finish! Numbers from 0 to 9 are contained within this single zip file so you can combine them to create the numbers you require.

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Download Free Numbers Template

Bold Numbers

Want Some Ideas on How to Use These Bold Numbers in Your Craft Projects?

If you’ve got some crafter’s block, how about these ideas for how you can use these number templates.

  1. Card Making: Create personalized greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions by featuring bold printable numbers on the front of the card. Combine them with other craft elements like stickers, ribbons, and drawings for a unique touch.
  2. Banner and Bunting: Use the printable numbers to create banners and bunting for parties, events, or classroom decorations. Cut out the numbers and attach them to twine or ribbon to spell out names, dates, or special messages.
  3. Countdowns and Milestones: Craft countdown boards for special events like birthdays, holidays, or vacations. Arrange the numbers in reverse order, and each day, remove a number to build anticipation.
  4. Scrapbooking: Add bold printable numbers to your scrapbook layouts to highlight important dates, ages, or milestones in your memories. They can also be used for page titles or to number specific events.
  5. Number Stencils: Laminate the printable numbers to create durable stencils. Use them with paint, chalk, or markers to add numbers to various craft projects, such as wooden signs or canvas paintings.
  6. Educational Activities: Use the bold printable numbers for educational purposes. Create interactive activities for young learners, like counting exercises, matching games, or sequencing tasks.
  7. Gift Wrapping: Add an extra touch to your gift wrapping by incorporating bold printable numbers. Attach them to gift tags or directly onto the wrapping paper to represent the recipient’s age or a significant number.
  8. Home Décor: Incorporate the numbers into your home décor. Display your address, house number, or important dates in a stylish way using the printable numbers on canvas or wooden plaques.
  9. Party Decorations: Use the bold printable numbers to create centerpieces, table numbers, or cake toppers for parties and celebrations. Customize them with colors and patterns to match the theme.
  10. Calendar Highlights: Highlight important dates on your calendar using the printable numbers. For instance, use them to mark birthdays, appointments, or special events.
  11. Journals and Planners: Customize your journals and planners by adding bold numbers to the pages. Use them to mark dates, keep track of to-do lists, or organize important information.
  12. Crafty Clocks: Design and craft your clock faces using the printable numbers. Pair them with creative clock hands and decorative elements to create a personalized timepiece.
  13. Photo Collages: Use the numbers to label the order of photos in a collage, especially for sequential events or year-based collections.
  14. DIY Advent Calendar: Create your own advent calendar for the holiday season using the printable numbers. Attach them to small envelopes or boxes to hold surprises for each day leading up to Christmas.

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