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Free Blank Bunting Template

Make your own custom bunting using this free blank bunting template (or check our our growing range of free printable bunting with a wide variety of patterns for all occasions). There’s nothing quite like some bunting to create a festive atmosphere at a party or celebration. Paper bunting is quite and easy to make and if you have some scraps of fabric to hand, why not create your own using this blank bunting template to help you get even shapes each time.

Free Bunting Template

Brightly colored bunting is great for birthday parties. If you are planning a DIY wedding then some pretty bunting can be just the thing to add a splash of color to your decorations without breaking the bank!

Of course, it’s really easy to make your own bunting even without a template. Just cut triangle shapes from paper or cardstock, ensuring that you allow an amount a the top to fold over the string or ribbon that you use to create the bunting. However, our blank bunting template will help make things even easier for you 🙂

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Download the free blank bunting template below:

Bunting Template

How To Use This Blank Bunting Template

This blank bunting template is super-easy to use. Just print the template onto scrap paper to use to draw around onto card or fabric. However another quick way to do this is to print directly onto decorative paper. You can use scrapbook paper for a quick and easy finish. One of the benefits of using scrapbook paper is that the packs often contain a range of complementary colored and patterned paper, which will create a great looking set of bunting with little extra effort. Keep a look out for double sided scrapbook paper so that the bunting looks great from any angle.

To finish the bunting punch holes in the top corners and thread the bunting onto string or ribbon or fold the top edge of the bunting over and use tape or glue to adhere the bunting into place.

Alternatively, transfer the bunting template onto a piece of cardstock. The back of a cereal packet or similar recycled card will work well. This will be sturdy enough to use over and over again. Simply store the bunting template somewhere where you’ll find it again (if you have a craft room like mine then you’ll know that this isn’t always as easy as it sounds 😉 ), and you’ll have it on hand to create decorations for the next party or celebration.

Free Printable Bunting

Of course, an alternative to using our free printable bunting template is to use some of our ready made bunting. Just print and cut out!

Check out our free printable bunting HERE!

Fabric Bunting

Use blank bunting template to create your own party decorations
Use blank bunting template to create your own party decorations

If you are going to create fabric bunting, you can cut bunting shapes from odds and ends of fabric and attach them to a piece of ribbon or cord. If you are in a hurry then just cutting and attaching the bunting will be a quick way to finish this. On the other hand, if you want to make fabric bunting which will last during many celebrations and festivities, you may want to cut two pieces of fabric and stitch them together as in the photo above.

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