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Free Procreate Repeating Pattern Brushes

Introducing our amazing range of free Procreate brushes featuring a gorgeous repeating geometric pattern! There are 4 different patterns sets for you to download below – each with 10 different patterns!

What are repeating pattern brushes? These are simply brushes which form a pattern when you move your stylus/finger across the screen in Procreate. The pattern appears as if by magic.

These geometric pattern brushes are perfect for digital artists who want to add a touch of sophistication to their designs for print or digital use. We have also designed these patterns to make great coloring pages too!

You will find the free Procreate seamless pattern brushes download below 🙂

How to Download and Install the Free Procreate Pattern Brushes

To get started, simply download the brushes onto your device. Then, open Procreate and create a new canvas. Tap the brush icon in the top right corner to open the brush panel. At the top of the panel, you’ll see a plus sign – tap this to import the new brushes.

A menu will appear, and you’ll need to locate the brushes you downloaded and select them. Once you’ve selected the brushes, they’ll appear in the brush panel alongside your other brushes.

Another way to install the brushes is to download the .brushset to your iPad and then tap on the icon and it will open directly in Procreate.

To use the repeating geometric pattern brushes, select the brush you want to use from the brush panel.

How to Adjust the Size of the Pattern

Change the size of the pattern to make it as big or small as you like. It’s super-easy to do!

The size of the pattern can be adjusted by using the slider in the Brush Studio. To open the Brush Studio and tap on the brush you want to modify-.

In the Brush Studio, you’ll see several options for customizing the brush. To adjust the size of the repeating pattern, click on ‘Grain’. Here, you can adjust the scale slider to change the size of the pattern. This is particularly important if you want to layer patterns together to make sure the grain scale is the same for each brush.

With this set of free Procreate brushes, you can create amazing digital artwork with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, these brushes will elevate your designs to the next level.

Download the free pattern brushes below!

How to Layer Patterns

This falls very much under the heading ‘experimental’ – however many of our free pattern brushes can be layered together. Just change brush and paint over the top and you will see the patterns layering. I suggest creating a new layer for each brush, therefore if you don’t like the finished result, you can just delete that layer!

Also, working on different layers will allow you to change the finished effect of each layer. Try using the hue tool to change the color or look at the blending modes in the layer panel.

Tip: The key to successful layering of patterns is to ensure they are all the same scale. To check, tap on the brush to open the Brush Studio and then look under ‘Grain’. Note, some of our brushes are a different scale, so may not layer.

Download Free Seamless Pattern Brushes for Procreate

Click on the button under each preview image to download the brush set. There are 10 free repeating pattern brushes in each set!

How to Use the Free Pattern Brushes For Procreate

There are many ways to use these free pattern brushes from creating backgrounds to decorating covers for planners. Here are some ideas!

  1. Experiment with colors: One of the great things about these brushes is that they can be used with any color. Try using light colors on a dark background to create a cool and modern effect.
  2. Use them for coloring pages: These brushes are perfect for creating coloring pages. Use the pattern to fill a shape or try creating a line drawing and use the repeating pattern brush to fill in the shapes. This can create a unique and fun coloring page.
  3. Layer the patterns: By using the same scale for the grain size, you can draw over the pattern to create layered effects. This can add depth and texture to your artwork.
  4. Create backgrounds: Use the repeating pattern brush to create beautiful backgrounds for your designs. By adjusting the scale and color, you can create unique and eye-catching backgrounds.
  5. Add texture: Use the brushes to add texture to your artwork. By adjusting the scale and color, you can create unique and interesting textures.
  6. Use as borders or frames: Try using the repeating pattern brush to create borders or frames around your artwork. This can create a finished and polished look to your designs.

Overall, the possibilities with these brushes are endless. Experiment with different colors, scales, and layering techniques to create unique and stunning artwork.

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