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Free Printable Apple Alphabet

Do you love apples? If so, then you’ll love our free apple themed printable letters! These letters are perfect for adding a touch of autumnal charm to your planner, journal, or other projects.

Why use apple themed letters?

There are many reasons why you might want to use apple themed letters. Here are a few:

  • They are fun and festive. Apples are a symbol of autumn, so these letters are a great way to add a touch of autumnal charm to your projects.
  • They are easy to read. The simple design of the letters makes them easy to read, even at a small size.
  • They are versatile. Apple themed letters can be used in a variety of projects, from planners to journals to posters.

These free printable alphabet with letters placed on apples are ideal for classroom decor, crafts, party decor, greeting cards and more!.

Use this set to create banners and bunting spelling out different words, or add the letters to the front of handmade cards or scrapbook pages to personalize them. All 26 letters are provided in individual png files so you can print individual letters or combine to make words.

Large PNG Files.

These are large PNG files with transparent backgrounds. They will print on letter/a4 paper or you can resize as required.

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Download Free Printable Letters

Apple Alphabet

Some Ideas for How To Use Our Printable Apple Alphabet

  1. Apple Banners: Print out the apple-themed letters to spell out “APPLES” or any other desired message. Attach the letters to twine or ribbon to create a charming apple-themed banner for classroom or home decor.
  2. Teacher Appreciation Cards: Design thank-you cards for teachers using the apple-themed letters. Write heartfelt messages of gratitude and appreciation, pairing them with apple illustrations or stickers.
  3. Alphabet Matching Game: Print out uppercase and lowercase apple-themed letters. Cut them out and use them as cards for an alphabet matching game for young learners.
  4. Fruit Basket Labels: Use the apple-themed letters to create labels for fruit baskets. Spell out “FRUITS” or “APPLES” and decorate the labels with apple illustrations for a cute touch.
  5. Apple-Themed Bookmarks: Print individual apple-themed letters on cardstock and cut them into bookmark-sized pieces. Laminate for durability and add ribbons or tassels to create personalized bookmarks.
  6. Apple-Themed Name Tags: Use the apple-themed letters to create name tags for students or guests during an apple-themed event or party.
  7. Apple Counting Activity: Print out multiple sets of the apple-themed numbers and cut them out. Use them for counting and math activities with young learners.
  8. Apple Gift Tags: Design gift tags using the apple-themed letters and attach them to presents for a charming touch, especially during the fall season or teacher appreciation occasions.
  9. Apple-Themed Stickers: Print the apple-themed letters on sticker paper, cut them out, and use them as decorative stickers for crafts, notebooks, or stationery.
  10. Apple-Themed Journaling: Incorporate the apple-themed letters into journaling or scrapbooking projects centered around apple-picking outings, fall memories, or back-to-school moments.
  11. Apple-Themed Collage: Print various sizes of the apple-themed letters and combine them with apple illustrations, leaves, and other fall-themed elements to create a vibrant apple-themed collage.
  12. Apple-Themed Classroom Wall Decor: Print large-sized apple-themed letters to display on the classroom wall. Combine them with apple illustrations and educational messages for an inspiring learning environment.

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