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Free Printable Letters For Crafts

If you are looking for free printable letters to add to your scrapbook pages, handmade cards and other craft projects, we hope you’ll enjoy the printable alphabets, letters and other goodies we have here for you! Printable letter templates are so useful, they are perfect for customizing or  personalizing  project, and are ideal for making banners, spelling out words and much more!

Free Printable Letters for Crafts & Classroom

We have a selection of free printable letters here you which are free for you to download.

As educators, we understand the importance of creating engaging and visually appealing learning environments for our students. Incorporating visuals such
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Welcome to the second set of our autumn alphabet printables! This set features a different design than the first set,

This is a growing list, so don’t forget to bookmark the page and come back to see what else we have for you. If you don’t have time to go through the list above, here’s a few of our favourites:

  • Free Printable Large Letters – This set of printable letters has been designed for crafters. The edges of the letters are straight and easy to cut out from paper or cardstock by hand. These letters are zipped together in a single file so you can download them all at the touch of a button. These free printable letters are save in a high resolution file format which means they will print at large sizes without any loss of quality.
  • Free Printable RED Glitter Letters – If you love glitter but hate the mess then this free printable glitter alphabet is just the thing. You’ll find all the letters in this pack including the Spanish Ñ. The bright red color makes this letter set perfect for festive crafts as well as for romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day. These are large files (glitter takes up a lot of digital space :), however you’ll find all the letters zipped together for you to download and enjoy.
  • Free Printable Letters to Color – If you love coloring do check out this set of printable letters. You’ll find the whole alphabet with a pattern to color and this is perfect for coloring fans 🙂 If you want to make a custom card for someone, why not add one of these letters to color to the front of a card and color it to create  your own unique effect?
  • Free Printable Glitter Letters – Here’s another set of printable glitter letters for you. This set is a light gold in color and is idea for occasions such as weddings, golden wedding anniversaries and more!

How to Use Your Free Printable Alphabets

Here are some ideas for using your free printable alphabet sets!

  • Make name or word bunting by printing out the relevant letters onto colored or decorative paper. Cut the letters from the paper and adhere them to bunting made from a coordinating color paper or cardstock. Change the colors used to create bunting for different occasions.
  • Make fabric bunting. You can make fabric bunting the same as you would make paper bunting, but with the added benefit that it will be long lasting, so you could make a set of bunting and use it over and over again. Use the letter shapes as a template to cut from fabric to make bunting.
  • Make custom handmade cards. Print a letter and adhere it to the front of a card. The glitter letters and the coloring alphabet are particularly good for this.
  • Make stencils. Instead of using the letters as a template to cut out, you could also use them as a stencil. Cut the letter from the paper and use the ‘hole’ as a stencil to stencil words and letters onto walls and other large, flat surfaces.

We hope you enjoy these free printable alphabets and letters. New sets will be added frequently – and if you have a suggestion for a new set do leave a comment. We love to hear from you 🙂


What free downloads would you like us to add next?

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