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Free Printable Large Letters for Walls & Other Projects – Script Upper Case

These free printable large letters for walls feature script letter alphabet templates in uppercase are available to download and print below. These are large high-quality images which are perfect for a variety of projects.

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This set of free printable large letters for walls can be used as a stencil to make wall decor like in the image below. The letter alphabet template has a script design and is perfect for making stencils for wall decor and other projects.

Use this set to create banners and bunting spelling out different words, or add the letters to the front of handmade cards or scrapbook pages to personalize them. All 26 letters are saved as separate files so you can just print the letters you require.

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Download Free Script Letter Templates – Upper Case

NOTE: The ‘W’ is presented on its side as it is disproportionately wide. This maximizes the use of space and saves having to reduce the size of the other letters

Upper Case Script Letter Template

Tips on Using These Letters as Stencils for Painting on Your Walls

  1. Print on thick paper or cardstock: Use a sturdy paper or cardstock for printing the letters. Thicker materials will be easier to handle and will last longer as stencils.
  2. Protect your work surface: Lay down a protective covering or old newspapers to catch any paint spills and prevent your work surface from getting stained.
  3. Cutting tools: Use sharp craft knives or good quality scissors to cut out the letters. Precision is essential for clean lines in your stencils.
  4. Use painter’s tape: If you want to use multiple letters in a word or phrase, secure them together using painter’s tape before cutting. This will ensure the spacing between the letters remains consistent.
  5. Use spraymount to secure the templates. A sprayable, non-permanent adhesive is a great way to hoñd your templates in position while you paint.
  6. Practice proper technique: When cutting with a knife, apply steady and gentle pressure. Always cut away from your body to avoid accidents.
  7. Inner details and islands: Some letters (e.g., ‘O,’ ‘A,’ ‘P’) have inner details and islands that must be preserved in the stencil. Carefully cut around these elements, so they remain intact.
  8. Consider bridges: For letters with enclosed areas (e.g., ‘A,’ ‘B,’ ‘P’), you may need to add small bridges to keep the stencil connected while leaving the inner area open for painting. If you’re using a spray adhesive, you could remove the bridges after positioning the letters so they don’t affect your painting.
  9. Test before use: Before applying the stencil to your final project, test it on a scrap paper or surface to check for any design flaws or bleeding.
  10. Experiment with colors and techniques: Stencils offer a lot of possibilities for creativity. Play with different paint colors, blending techniques, and layering to achieve unique effects.
  11. Partial stenciling: Don’t feel limited to using the entire stencil at once. You can use parts of the letters or combine multiple stencils to create more complex designs.
  12. Fixing mistakes: If you make a mistake while painting, you can try to touch it up with a small brush or, if it’s extensive, start over by repaintying the base surface.

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