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How To Make Your Own Customized Cute Gift Box

Add embellishments to create a cute finishing touch on DIY gift boxes

If you want to know how to make a customized cute gift box then you’ll be delighted to know that we have some free printable templates and other goodies to help you! Who doesn’t love a little gift box oozing with cuteness. Yes, you can buy little gift boxes in a variety of styles, however they are also really easy to make at home. All you need is a printable template (which we just so happen to have for you here 😉 ), paper or cardstock and some decorations.

A customized cute gift box is perfect for presenting a special gift to someone. You can completely personalize and customize the gift box according to the occasion. For example you can add the person’s name or use decorations which help to mark the occasion which is being celebrated. DIY gift boxes are also ideal for making party favors to hold small treats.

How To Make Your Own Customized Cute Gift Box

Printable templates are the best place to start making your own customized DIY gift boxes. While with a bit of planning you could create your own from scratch, it is easier to work with a template to start. When you are familiar using the template to create a DIY gift box you can change the dimensions to create your own sizes.

Free Printable Gift Box Templates

You will find we have a range of gift box templates including:

  • Cube box template – this is a basic gift box template, however it is easy to use and is almost endlessly customizable. As well as using this as a gift box you could also use this as a basis for a cute paper toy.
  • Pillow box template – pillow box templates are versatile and quick to make. If you want to change the size just alter the size when printing using your printer settings.

There are also some wonderfully eyewateringly cute gift box templates online. Some of our faves are:

Print the template onto decorative paper, cut around the template and carefully fold along the fold lines. You can then assemble the gift box and fasten the ends or edges using adhesive. This is a great way for a quick finish. However the downside of this approach is that you are using either the ready-made designs or, if you are printing onto decorative paper, the fold lines may appear. Even though we make our fold line markings in a light gray, it will still show on very light paper. If we made them any lighter they wouldn’t show on dark paper 🙂

Therefore an alternative is to print the template onto waste paper and use this to transfer the shape onto decorative paper or cardstock. You could also transfer the shape to a piece of thick card and you could reuse the template over and over again.

What Makes a Gift Box Outstandingly Cute?

So far we have made a gift box which is OK, but not outstandingly cute. So just how do you turn an OK DIY gift box into a cute gift box? The answer is embellishments! Add relevant embellishments to really make the gift box come alive. Here are some ideas for embellishments you can use to make your DIY gift box a little extra special:

  • Flowers – real, dried or even silk/fake flowers can give a lovely finishing touch to a gift box. Pick colors which match the paper or cardstock you used to create a cohesive look.
  • Stickers/tags – keep a look out for some really cute stickers or tags. These will bring a smile to the face of the recipient.
  • Ribbons – it goes without saying that a ribbon or two will create  a special look for your gift box. If you are adept at tying ribbons so there are curly ends etc, that will really help on the cuteness scale 🙂 There’s a round up of gift bow tying tutorials on the Hello Glow blog.
  • Draw or doodle – yes really! If you have some time, draw or doodle some designs onto the gift box to give it a cute handmade finishing touch. You don’t need to try to create the latest work of art, just add a little doodle flower or two to make your mark.

So, these are just a few ideas for how to take gift box templates and turn them into really cute gift boxes which people will be delighted to receive.

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