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Free Printable Animal Bingo Cards

Looking for a captivating and educational game to entertain children at parties, in classrooms, or during family gatherings? Look no further! Introducing Animal Themed Bingo Cards, a delightful twist on the classic game that introduces children to a wide range of colorful and adorable animals. With 15 unique cards, each featuring a variety of 24 images showcasing cute and vibrant animals, along with a central FREE space, this game is perfect for engaging kids of all ages.

We offer two options for downloading the cards:

  1. 15 separate cards with animals and no words with the choice of 25 total images and 50 total images.
  2. 15 cards with pictures of animals AND the word giving the name of the animal underneath the picture with the choice of 25 total images and 50 total images

What’s the difference between 25 & 50 total images?

The difference is the variety of different images on the cards. In the 25 total image version, the majority of the cards will share the same animals – although they will be in different positions. This results in a quicker game which is ideal for kids parties. The version with 50 total images, there is more variety per card and therefore the game may take longer and will be more challenging. Choose which ever version suits you best (all download all of them!).

15 Unique Printable Bingo Cards

You will find there are 15 (or more) unique bingo cards in each set. This will allow you to mix the cards up if you want cards for classroom use or parties.

Tips for Printing and Preparing Free Printable Bingo Cards

To get started, you’ll need a printer and A4 or letter-sized paper. Each bingo card is designed to fit on a single page, making it convenient for printing. We recommend using slightly thicker paper stock for added durability. If you plan to reuse the cards multiple times, laminating them is an excellent idea. Laminating the cards not only extends their lifespan but also allows for easy erasing of markings.

In the file, you’ll also find the calling cards. Print these and cut out the different animal images, preparing them for use in the game.

How to Play Animal Bingo:

Playing Animal Bingo is a breeze, making it an ideal game for kids and parties. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Distribute the Bingo cards: Print and distribute the Animal Themed Bingo Cards to each player, ensuring that each player receives a unique card.
  2. Explain the game rules: Briefly explain the rules to all the players. The objective of the game is to complete a row, column, or diagonal by matching the animal images on the card with the ones called out by the designated “caller.”
  3. The caller announces the images: Designate one person as the caller. The caller will randomly draw animal images from a hat, bag, or other container, announcing each image to the players.
  4. Mark the images: Players will mark the corresponding images on their cards when they hear an animal called out. They can use small markers such as coins or colorful chips to cover the images. Alternatively, players can use dry erase markers on laminated cards, allowing for easy reuse in future games.
  5. Claim a win: The first player to complete a row, column, or diagonal by marking five consecutive images calls out “Bingo!” to alert the other players.
  6. Verify the win: Once a player claims a win, carefully check their card to ensure that all the marked images match the called-out animal images. If the win is valid, that player becomes the winner of the round.

Variations for Playing Animal Bingo

To add more excitement and variety to the game, here are a few suggestions for different ways to play Animal Bingo:

  1. Blackout/Full Card: Instead of completing a row, column, or diagonal, players aim to mark all the images on their card. This variation requires more time and patience.
  2. Memory Match: Create an additional set of animal cards and use them for a memory matching game. Lay all the cards face down and take turns flipping two cards at a time. Players try to make matches by finding the corresponding animal images.
  3. Five in a Row: The objective is to mark five images in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The Free Space can be used to complete a row.
  4. Picture Frame: Fill the outer borders of your bingo card, creating a picture frame. This variation excludes the Free Space.
  5. Railroad: Mark the 2nd and 4th columns, forming vertical lines on both sides of the Free Space.
  6. Cross Bingo: Use the Free Space as the center point and mark the images to create an X pattern on the bingo card.
  1. Plus Bingo: Similar to the X pattern, form a plus sign using the Free Space as the central point.
  2. Four Corners: Exercise patience and aim to mark just the four corners of the bingo card. This variation does not involve the Free Space.

To add an extra twist to the game, try incorporating these additional ideas:

  1. Clue-based Bingo: Instead of announcing the called-out animal names, give clues to describe them. Kids will have to guess which animal image they need, adding a quizzical twist to the game.
  2. Double Bingo: If players are achieving bingos too quickly, have them play with two bingo boards each. This will slow down their reaction time and heighten the excitement to win.
  3. Speed Challenge: Instead of pausing between calls, continuously announce animal names or show the corresponding images from the container. This fast-paced version challenges players to pay attention and be alert to avoid missing an animal on their bingo card.

Animal Themed Bingo Cards offer a world of possibilities for entertaining and educating kids. By exploring various gameplay variations and incorporating additional elements, you can keep the game fresh, engaging, and tailored to your children’s interests. Get ready to play, have fun, and witness the joy on their faces as they explore the colorful world of animals through this delightful game of bingo!


Choose which bingo files you would like to download.

These download files include free printable animal bingo cards without words. These are ideal for non-readers. The names of the animal are included on the call sheet. Choose either the 25 total object version (quicker to play) or the 50 total object version (longer to play).

In the versions below, the name of the animal is included under the image – this is great for ESL students or for people who may not be familiar with the different animal types 🙂

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