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The Impossible Bear Hunt Coloring Poster – Huge Free Coloring Page

Exceptional times call for exceptional posters – here’s a HUGE free coloring page poster for you to download and color! This free printable coloring poster will print on several sheets of paper for you to stick together to create not only a fun coloring project for children (and adults!) but also a ‘spot the bear’ activity.

Look closely and you will see that there’s several cute little bears hidden away in the groups of different animals.

The Impossible Bear Hunt Coloring Poster is an A0 sized free coloring poster that will keep kids engrossed for ages. Their first task is to find and count all the bears that appear in the design. Then they can color the entire design, which will probably keep them occupied for a silly amount of time.

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There’s a great trend for Bear Hunts right now and with this great free poster, now kids can get involved from the safety of their own home. If you’ve been looking for stay home activities for kids, this one might just be the mother of all stay home activities.

To put the size into context, when stuck together, this poster measures 119cm x 84cm or about 47 inches by 33 inches.

How to Print the Supersize Coloring Poster

Don’t worry, you don’t need a huge printer of poster sized paper. You can print this out on any household printer using the free Adobe Reader app.

Just open the PDF file you download in Reader, click the printer icon and then click the Poster button in the pop up window. Reader will then handle printing out the poster onto different sheets. Once printed, you can trim as necessary and glue the pieces together to form your silly size, impossible poster.

So just print, glue, promise your kids pizza and ice cream once they’re finished and then put your feet up and enjoy Netflix in peace.

And There’s More – Find Our Special Pets

And if they finish too quick, set them another task to find Pirata, Roland and “Bad Ass” Bobbins. These are three of our gang who have come from different animal rescue organizations in Spain.

They are extra special as they are blind and live with us in a safe environment. Though all three were either born blind or lost their sight later, they’re really no different to any other pet cat or dog.

You’ll find all three are in the poster. The number of eyes is the clue in each case 🙂

To put together and complete you Impossible Bear Hunt Coloring Poster, you’ll need 25 sheets of A4 / Letter sized paper, scissors, adhesive or adhesive tape, and coloring pens or pencils.

Download The Free Coloring Poster

Click the button below to download your free poster now.

The Impossible Bear Hunt Coloring Poster

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