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Free Color Swatch Generator – Create Color Palettes From Your Photos

Makebreaks is adding a new category of creative tools to our treasure chest of freebies and our first is an easy to use free color palette generator. This is a tool that creates color palettes from your photos or any of our Makebreaks images which you can download as a PDF file or as a Procreate color palette you can load directly into Procreate.

Automatically creating color palettes from photos is a super quick and easy way to select colors for all sorts of craft projects. With this free tool from Makebreaks, you can select your own photos and and produce color palettes from one to thirty colors.

Create Color Swatches for Procreate & PDF Palettes for FREE!

Better still, you can download your color palette for free with just a click as a .swatches palette file for use in Procreate. See how to add your custom swatch palette to Procreate HERE.

Or, if you’re not a Procreate user, download a PDF file with all the HEX and RGB codes for all the swatches and add your new palettes to all of your favorite craft and design apps.

To create your own color palettes from your photos, first enter how many colors you want in your palette. It defaults to 10, but you can enter anything from 1 to 30 colors.

Then just drag and drop your photo onto the box below or click the Choose File button and select the photo from your computer.

In a few brief moments, your palette will be generated and displayed below your photo.

You can click or tap any of the color palette swatches and the HEX code for that color will be copied to your clipboard. Holding the Ctrl key and clicking a swatch will copy the rgb clipboard.

Alternatively, you can open a PDF of your palette that you can download and save for later.

You can also save the palette in a .swatches file format to import into Procreate if you’re a user of that app.

If you’ve got another photo that you want to create a color palette from just click the Create a new palette button to reset the tool to select a new photo.

One last thing to mention before you start having fun creating color palettes from your photos. This tool works entirely on your computer and your photos are not uploaded to our server. We never get to see your photos or even the color palettes you create.

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