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How To Use Free Color Swatches in Procreate

If you’ve downloaded our free color swatches and aren’t sure how to use them, read on! We’ll show you how to use the free color swatches in Procreate and other graphics apps.

Why Use Color Swatches in Procreate?

While many art apps like Procreate come with a number of color swatches or palettes installed, there are times when you are looking for something a little different or want to try your hand at something new. Themed color swatches are also great for new coloring page projects, particularly when they follow a certain theme.

Our color swatches or palettes are inspired by some pretty unusual graphics and as such, will provide you with plenty of inspiration for your next coloring project or to give you consistency when creating new planner graphics!

Free Color Swatches from Makebreaks

The free color swatches for Procreate that you can download here are in two formats. First, you will find the Procreate .swatch format which means you can load the swatch palette directly into Procreate and open it on your iPad.

Secondly, you will find the PNG file with the image the color scheme was inspired by and the color swatches. You can use this in any other graphics app where you can create your own color swatch. Use the eye dropper tool to select the color and then add this to the swatch panel. If you are not sure how, leave a comment below with the graphics app you are using and I’ll write specific instructions.

Use The PNG File for More Colors

The PNG file contains the original graphic, and as such will be a source for more colors around these theme. For example, if you want more lighter colors just use the eye dropper tool (or in Procreate do a long finger tap on the color you want), to select the color and add to the palette. This is highly useful for extending the color pallet with the colors you want.

Do you want more color swatches? If so, leave a comment below with the styles and themes of color swatches you would like to see.

Happy digital arting 🙂

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