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How to Make a Unicorn Monogram Wall Poster for Free

Make a cute unicorn monogram wall art with our free unicorn alphabet

Make a DIY unicorn monogram wall poster for free with our free unicorn printable. This is so easy to do 🙂 All you require is our free unicorn alphabet, which includes every letter from a – z with a cute unicorn decorating it and our free rainbow unicorn background papers:

These monogram unicorns are quick and easy to make. As well as creating cute wall art for a child’s room, these also make fun birthday cards or invitations.

How to Make a DIY Unicorn Monogram Poster

First download the unicorn alphabet and the rainbow background papers. Unzip the files and choose the letter and the background image you want to use.

To make a DIY unicorn monogram poster, we simply need to layer the unicorn letter over a piece of the background paper.

Of course, you could do this manually, simply print out the letter and the background paper and then cute the unicorn letter from the paper to layer over the background image. However, this entails a lot of cutting – and it’s much quicker to use an app to do this. We’re using Canva.

Step One – Create a Document on Canva

Head to Canva and select a document size. You can pick from ready-made document size templates or create a custom size. Here, I selected US letter size paper:

Learn how to make a unicorn monogram poster in canva


Step Two – Upload Your Graphics

Click on the ‘Upload’ button on the left-hand menu and upload your unicorn and background graphics:

Step Three – Add Your Background

Drag your background image into place. Use the handles to adjust the image to the right size:

Step Four – Create Drop Shadow Effect

A little drop shadow effect will make the unicorn image really pop from the page. We don’t want anything to heavy otherwise that will detract from the overall image, instead, we just need a subtle effect. Therefore drag the unicorn into place on the background. Then adjust the filter effects until the unicorn design is darker and blurred around the edges.  Click on ‘Advanced’ in the settings tab in order to see all the options available to you. You can copy the settings I used in the image below or choose your own to create an effect you like:

Step Five – Add Top Unicorn

Now place the unicorn again on top of the image you have just blurred. The effect should be that of the new unicorn having crisp edges with slight shadow showing underneath it:


Step Six – Download and Print!

All that remains now is to download the graphic and print. You will see the download option at the top right-hand side. Select ‘Print PDF’ to get a high-resolution file:


You can now print your DIY unicorn monogram poster at home or take it to anywhere which prints color documents or photos to print for you.

While we’ve used the unicorn monogram graphic to create this poster, of course, you could do the same thing with any clip art or background digital papers. Take a look around our site and see what else you can make with our free printables and graphics.

What free downloads would you like us to add next?

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