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Free Valentine’s Day Printables

Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day! It’s a great time to show loved ones, friends and other people that you are close to, how much they mean to you. A simple Valentine’s Day message will bring a smile to anyone’s face, whether it’s your partner or a neighbor who does you a good turn every now and then.

And of course the stores start oozing Valentine’s Day products from cards to candies. Usually starting to stock these items directly after Christmas 🙂 However, while it may be easy to pop into your nearest store and stock up on ready made cards and gifts, there’s nothing quite like making your own. A handmade card or Valentine’s day gift is going to be much appreciated. We live in such a busy digital world that knowing that someone has taken the time out to make something by hand will be truly valued.

You can create cards, gifts and gift packaging quickly and easily. And we have some templates to help you do this:)

Free Valentine’s Day Printables

We have added some free Valentine’s Day printables for you to download and enjoy:

  • We’ve got some cute pillow gift boxes with a heart pattern in three different styles for you to download and print.
  • An I Love You’ card which will print in outline so you can color this to create your own unique card for Valentine’s Day.
  • Simple printable heart shapes which you can use as template for a variety of craft projects.
  • If you love minibooks then you’re going to adore this free heart minibook template we have. Use this to make a cute minibook for a loved one. Decorate this little folded book with photos, keepsakes, write special messages etc to create a cute personalized gift.
  • Heart themed digital stamp bags, just download, print, color and assemble to make your own customized gift bags.
  • Gold heart to add some shine to your Valentine’s Day projects.
  • Three felt hearts to add to your cards and scrapbook pages
  • A red gemstone frame to add some glitz to your pages and cards. This frame comes without a background, so you can choose your own. However a dark background, like the one we used really makes this pop from the page!
  • A ruffle frame. This is a cute frame and will make a quick way to create Valentine’s Day cards. Just add some text into the center of the frame for a quick finish 🙂

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