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Free Printable Letters of the Alphabet To Color

Do you love to color and need some letter templates for a craft project? If so, then you’ll love our free printable letters that can be colored in! These letters are perfect for adding a touch of creativity and personality to your projects.

Why use printable letters that can be colored in?

There are many reasons why you might want to use printable letters that can be colored in. Here are a few:

  • They are fun and creative. Coloring in letters is a great way to express your creativity and to let your imagination run wild.
  • They are easy to use. Simply print out the letters and color them in with your favorite colors or load them into a digital drawing app.
  • They are versatile. Printable letters can be used in a variety of projects, from planners to journals to posters.

About These Printable Letters to Color

Download this complete set of printable alphabet letters to color and add to your crafting collection. Each letter of the alphabet is saved separately and zipped together for easy download. There are 26 images in this file with each letter on a separate page.

This set of printable alphabet letters to color is ideal for many projects. I have saved the files in a high resolution format which means that you will get great quality prints on large sizes as well as smaller sizes. Print each letter onto A4 or letter sized paper to create a large letter you could use as wall art or to add to a scrapbook page, alternatively use your printer or computer to create smaller size letters which you can use to create cards or other embellishments.

Download the Printable Letters of the Alphabet To Color

This file contains all the letters of the alphabet so you don’t need to worry about downloading each one separately.

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Alphabet to Color

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How to Use Your printable Letters

If you love coloring then these printable letters can be used as coloring pages. You’ll find we have more coloring pages for you here – Free Coloring Pages. We have more alphabets and letters for you to use in your crafting projects here – Free Printable Letters and Numbers. Here are some more ways to make use of these letters that you can print and color.

  1. Greeting Cards: Print out letters with intricate designs and use them to create beautiful and unique greeting cards. Color in the designs with your favorite colors to add a personal touch to each card.
  2. Custom Wall Art: Print out large-sized letters with designs and color them in to create custom wall art for your home or workspace. Frame each letter to create a vibrant and artistic display.
  3. Personalized Bookmarks: Design personalized bookmarks with printable letters featuring intricate designs. Color them in with markers, colored pencils, or watercolors for a delightful reading companion.
  4. Scrapbooking: Incorporate printable letters with designs into your scrapbook layouts. Use them to highlight titles or create colorful captions for your photos.
  5. Monogram Art: Print out monogram letters with intricate designs and color them to create personalized monogram art for yourself or as a thoughtful gift.
  6. Party Decorations: Use printable letters with designs to create colorful party decorations for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions. Hang them as banners, garlands, or wall decor.
  7. Educational Activities: Utilize printable letters with designs for educational activities with kids. They can practice coloring while learning the alphabet or spelling.
  8. Calendars and Planners: Create personalized calendars or planner covers by coloring in printable letters with intricate designs. It will add a unique touch to your organization tools.
  9. Gift Tags: Print out the letters with designs to make decorative gift tags. Color them in to match the gift’s theme or the recipient’s preferences.
  10. Bulletin Boards: Use printable letters with designs for bulletin boards at school or in your workspace. Color them in with bright and eye-catching colors to draw attention.
  11. Inspiration Boards: Create inspiration boards or vision boards by coloring in letters with motivational designs. Add pictures, quotes, or images that resonate with your goals.
  12. Nameplate Signs: Design nameplate signs for your home or office by coloring in printable letters with intricate designs. They can serve as stylish and personalized name displays.
  13. Art Journaling: Use printable letters with designs for art journaling projects. Color them in as a part of your creative expressions and reflections.
  14. Kids’ Craft Activities: Involve kids in craft activities using printable letters with designs. They can color them in and use them to create fun collages or posters.
  15. Motivational Wall Decor: Print out motivational quotes or words using the letters with intricate designs. Color them in and frame them to create motivational wall decor.

The beauty of using printable letters with designs for coloring in lies in the creative freedom they offer. Whether you’re adding them to a card, a scrapbook, or decorating your space, these letters allow you to infuse your craft projects with your own artistic flair and personal style.

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Leave a comment below if you enjoy this or any of the other free printables we have for you here (yes, everything her is free for you to download and use in your craft projects), and let us know if there are any other printables you’d like to see. We’ll be pleased to add more printable letter coloring pages if you would like to see them.

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