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Free Heart Minibook Template

Heart Minibook Template
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Here’s a heart minibook template to download and create your own heart shaped small book for Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions. This little book is folded concertina style to create a cute keepsake holder or alternative to a Valentine’s Day card. Just print the template onto heavyweight paper, cut around the edge and into the center following the cutting line. Then fold the book concertina style. You can add photos, special messages, special keepsakes – anything you like to personalize this heart minibook.

As an alternative, print the template onto scrap paper and then draw around the edge of the template lightly in pencil to avoid having printed fold and cut marks on the finished book 🙂

Pro tip: Use a bone folder or the tip of an empty biro to score the sides before folding. This will help to give you crisp edges for a clean, professional feel.

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Heart MiniBook Template


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Kate Pullen