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Free Summer Themed Digital Planner Covers

Looking to infuse your digital planner with a burst of summer vibes? Look no further! Our latest planner covers feature a colorful summer theme that’s perfect for capturing the essence of the season in your digital planning.

Say goodbye to mundane and uninspiring planner covers and say hello to our collection of bold and vibrant designs that are guaranteed to make your planner pop.

Designed specifically for Goodnotes and PDF planners, our covers can be effortlessly downloaded below. Take your pick from a variety of captivating designs. What’s more, our covers come with blank boxes, allowing you to personalize them with your own text. This versatility ensures they can be customized to suit any topic, month, or year.

Installing our custom covers on Goodnotes is a breeze. Simply download the free digital planner covers, unzip the file to access the individual cover images, and then insert your desired image into a new notebook. With the resizing handles at your disposal, adjust the image size to fit the entire notebook cover. Once you’ve saved your notebook, voila! Your custom cover is now installed.

No longer should you settle for a lackluster and monotonous digital planner. With our complimentary digital planner covers and user-friendly installation instructions, you can infuse your planner with personality and flair effortlessly.

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How to Install Custom Covers on Goodnotes

To install our custom covers on Goodnotes, start by downloading the free digital planner covers from Makebreaks. Unzip the file to access the individual cover images, then open Goodnotes and create a new notebook. Click on the “Insert” button and select “Image,” then choose the cover image you want to use and insert it into the notebook. Use the resizing handles to adjust the image size, making sure it fits the entire notebook cover. Click on the “Done” button and save your notebook. Repeat these steps for each cover design you want to use.

With our free colorful digital planner covers and simple installation instructions, you can quickly and easily add some personality and flair to your digital planner.

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Each of these free digital planner covers has been saved as an image file for you to import to your planner. Note, these files have been optimized for digital use and may not give great results if printed.

Add these embellishments to your Goodnotes planner cover, digital notebook planner – or any other pdf planner.

You will find we have a range of other digital planner freebies for you to download and add to your planner. New freebies are added weekly so don’t forget to come back and see what new goodies we have for you.


Summer Digital Planner Covers

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