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DIY Cute Paper Unicorn Head Model Free Template (option 2)

This is the second of a series of free unicorn head and other cute paper models for you to download and make. Download the template here:

Cute Unicorn Head Model

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We have another unicorn head template for you to download. This one has no shaping on his muzzle, which is slightly easier to make. Find the alternative version here – Unicorn Template 1 and more free unicorn printables here – unicorn printables.

About This Cute Unicorn Head Template

I’ve made this cute unicorn head model using white and pink cardstock, and I’ve detailed on the printable template the pages to print in pink or your desired color.

This unicorn head is shaped at both the front and back, so you can display him hung from the ceiling or placed as a center piece on a table as well as hanging on a wall. To hang the unicorn on the wall, just make a hole in the back of the head.

This isn’t a difficult project, but it is fiddly.  Remember to score and prefold all the lines before starting to assemble the unicorn. 

How to Make the 3d Paper Unicorn Head Model

You will need:

  • Template (download below)
  • Cardstock or heavyweight paper
  • Aluminium foil or similar to make a metallic horn (optional)
  • Paper flowers and other unicorny decorations (optional)
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Adhesive (I like glue sticks, however normal white glue or wood glue will work well too)
  • Metal ruler or straight edge
  • Bone folder (you will use this for scoring the paper or cardstock and this will help to give you crisp edges to your folds) If you don’t have a bone folder, a knitting needle point, ballpoint pen without ink or other pointed objects to score the fold lines will do.


1/ Download and print the template. Download the template here –  Cute Unicorn Head Model and eyes here Unicorn Eyes

2/ Cut out the shapes, using a craft knife or scissors.

3/ Score along the dotted fold lines using the bone folder and metal ruler. If you are not familiar with scoring, we do this to prepare the paper or cardstock for folding. This means using a bone folder (or blunt knife) and carefully drawing this down the side of the ruler along the fold line. This breaks the fibers in the paper and will make it much easier to fold a straight line.

Note the difference between the dotted lines on the template

With the printed side facing you the folds should be folded like this:

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .    = Mountain fold (folds like ^)

………………………  = Valley fold (folds like a V) 

Score along all the fold lines.  Match the numbers on the edge and flap and adhere the edges together, with the flap on the inside. 

4/ Start adhering the edges together to form the unicorn shape. I find it easiest to put the pink and white parts together first, then join these and add the ears and horn last. If there’s any problem getting the last edge to adhere properly, I use a small piece of adhesive tape to hold it in place without it being seen.

5/ Choose the eyes from the eye download above to finish your unicorn or create your own eyes to create your own unique design.

6/ To finish the horn, I wrapped the horn in aluminium foil.

Tips for finishing your DIY 3d Cute Unicorn Head model:

  • To make the horn bigger or smaller, just create a cone of paper or cardstock to replace the horn on the template.
  • Make paper flowers to decorate your unicorn. I made flowers by scrunching up some colored cupcake wrappers. Making flowers from colored tissue paper is another option. To do this, take a strip of tissue paper and concertina fold the paper. Wrap some craft wire around the center of the folded strip of paper and fluff out the ends to make a cute flower.
  • If you want to make a bigger or smaller unicorn, simply adjust the size on your printer settings.

We hope you enjoy this papercraft project from Make Breaks 🙂 If you love interesting paper crafts, you may be interested in our new papercraft club:

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