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Advent Sticker Embellishments for Digital Planners & Digital Scrapbooks

This is a set of advent stickers for your digital planner, journal or scrapbook. These stickers have been designed specifically for quick loading into your digital planner. They are in PNG format and can be used in Goodnotes and other PDF readers, Procreate for iPad, Affinity Photo or Designer – or your favourite digital design program.

There are two sets of stickers in this pack, one small, the other larger. This will enable you to use the size sticker you require for your project, rather than slowing your tablet or phone up with images which are bigger than necessary.

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Each of these free digital planner embellishments has been saved in a PNG format to allow you to layer them over your digital planner covers and layouts. Note, these files have been optimized for digital use and are not designed for printing.

You will find we have a range of other digital planner freebies for you to download and add to your planner. New freebies are added weekly so don’t forget to come back and see what new goodies we have for you.

Don’t Forget Digital Scrapbooking!

These embellishments will also work great in your digital scrapbooking projects. Just load them into your digital scrapbook and start creating!

Download Advent Embellishments

Advent Stickers

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