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8 Halloween Wordsearch Puzzles

Here’s one for Halloween fans! These free printable wordsearch puzzle features a range of words connected to Halloween and other spooky occasions 🙂 There are two difficulty levels, the tricky version may display words spelled put backwards as well as forwards!

We’ve included four variations of the same word list so you can give one to someone else to do and there’s no fear of copying 🙂

About the Puzzles

There are a lot of words in this wordsearch with plenty of overlapping between the letters. This has been designed to keep you busy 🙂 The words can be found horizontally, diagonally and vertically in both directions.

The answer key is attached so you can take a quick peek if you get stuckk!

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PDF Files

You will find the puzzles in PDF files, which means you can print them with ease – and also upload them to your iPad or tablet and use a digital note taking app, such as Goodnotes to complete the puzzle

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Download ‘Standard’ Wordsearch Puzzle File

You can download the wordsearch pdf file here:

Halloween Wordsearch Puzzle 1 Halloween Wordsearch Puzzle 2 Halloween Wordsearch Puzzle 3 Halloween Wordsearch Puzzle 4

Download ‘TRICKY’ Wordsearch Puzzles here:

Halloween Wordsearch Puzzle – TRICKY 1 Halloween Wordsearch Puzzle – TRICKY 2 Halloween Wordsearch Puzzle – TRICKY 3 Halloween Wordsearch Puzzle – TRICKY 4

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