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Superhero Alphabet Bunting Template

Are you having a superhero-themed party? If so, then you’ll love our printable superhero styled bunting! This bunting is perfect for adding a touch of superhero flair to your party.

Why use superhero themed bunting?

There are many reasons why you might want to use superhero themed bunting. Here are a few:

  • Superheroes are popular with kids. Superheroes are larger-than-life characters that often inspire kids to be brave and to do good. This makes them a popular choice for kids’ parties.
  • They are fun and festive. Superhero bunting is a great way to add a touch of fun and excitement to your party.
  • They are easy to customize. You can easily customize this bunting to match the theme of your party.

How to use superhero themed bunting

Make your own custom word garlands with this free printable superhero bunting template. There’s nothing quite like some bunting to create a festive atmosphere at a party or celebration. Spell out ‘happy birthday’ or spell someone’s name or just print the whole set to hang as a cute decoration.

This is super-easy to use. Just print the letters you want onto thick paper or cardstock, cut around the edges and then punch a hole in each corner to thread string or ribbon through. If you don’t want to punch holes, you could also try stapling the bunting to ribbon. Either way, you will have super results 🙂

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Download the superhero bunting template below:

Superhero Bunting

Want Ideas for How to Use Your Superhero Bunting Alphabet?

Using superhero-themed bunting is a fantastic way to add a touch of excitement and action-packed fun to parties and celebrations. Here are some creative ways to incorporate superhero bunting into your events:

  1. Superhero Backdrop: Create a superhero-themed backdrop by hanging superhero bunting as a backdrop for the party area. This makes an excellent photo booth backdrop where guests can pose as their favorite superheroes.
  2. Entrance Decoration: Hang superhero bunting at the entrance of the party venue to welcome guests with a burst of superhero energy as they arrive.
  3. Cake Table Decor: Adorn the cake table with superhero bunting to highlight the center of attention – the birthday cake. It will instantly transform the cake-cutting moment into a heroic celebration.
  4. Food and Dessert Stations: Hang superhero bunting above food and dessert stations to add thematic flair to the party’s refreshments area.
  5. Superhero Name Bunting: Create personalized superhero name bunting for each party guest. Use the letters of their names to spell out superhero-themed phrases like “Super Alex” or “Captain Emma.”
  6. Hanging Garland: String superhero bunting together to make a hanging garland that can be placed along walls or around the party area. This adds an exciting burst of color and superhero vibes.
  7. Themed Table Runner: Use superhero bunting as a table runner down the center of party tables. It can instantly tie the superhero theme into the table setting.
  8. Superhero Games: Incorporate superhero bunting into party games. For instance, set up a “Pin the Shield on the Hero” game using a superhero backdrop with bunting accents.
  9. Heroic Party Favors: Attach superhero bunting to party favor bags or boxes to give the guests a heroic memento to take home.
  10. DIY Capes and Masks: Use superhero bunting as material to create DIY superhero capes and masks for the little guests. They can wear their capes and masks during the party for superhero role-playing.
  11. Thank-You Bunting: After the party, repurpose the superhero bunting to make a “Thank You” banner to show appreciation for the guests’ attendance.
  12. Superhero Scavenger Hunt: Hang pieces of superhero bunting as clues for a superhero-themed scavenger hunt. Participants follow the bunting trail to find hidden treasures or solve clues.
  13. Superhero Storytelling Corner: Create a cozy storytelling corner with superhero bunting as the backdrop. Adults or party hosts can read superhero-themed stories to the kids.

Using superhero-themed bunting creatively will elevate the party atmosphere and make your celebration an action-packed and memorable event for all the superheroes in attendance!

We’ve got loads more printable alphabets that you can use to create your own special bunting – check them all out here!

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the Superhero Bunting. I was just wondering why they are all upper case letters except for i and j? Would it be possible for these to be upper case as well?

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