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Superhero Alphabet Bunting Template

Make your own custom word garlands with this free printable superhero bunting template. There’s nothing quite like some bunting to create a festive atmosphere at a party or celebration. Spell out ‘happy birthday’ or spell someone’s name or just print the whole set to hang as a cute decoration.

This is super-easy to use. Just print the letters you want onto thick paper or cardstock, cut around the edges and then punch a hole in each corner to thread string or ribbon through. If you don’t want to punch holes, you could also try stapling the bunting to ribbon. Either way, you will have super results 🙂

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Download the superhero bunting template below:

Superhero Bunting



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One thought on “Superhero Alphabet Bunting Template

  1. Hi. Thanks for the Superhero Bunting. I was just wondering why they are all upper case letters except for i and j? Would it be possible for these to be upper case as well?

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