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Free Spendings Tracker for Bullet Journals and Planners

This free spendings tracker for your planner or bullet journal will help you keep track of the days you save over or under your daily budget. This is handy for anyone who needs a little help with money managment! 

Have you set yourself a goal to spend only a certain amount of money every day? Perhaps you are just spending within a budget and saving a few pennies by cutting back on a takeout coffee every day, or maybe your goals are higher and you are looking to save money daily to help pay off loans or a mortgage. Whatever your goals, sometimes it can be a little difficult to keep focused and keep within your spending budget.

Try using different colored pens to highlight different spending levels every day.

This spending tracker could also be used with young ones who help encourage good money management habits from an early age.

Free Spendings Tracker

You can print this free planner habit tracker onto paper and cut it out to apply to your bullet journal or planner (cut of the heading if you want to add your own) or print the tracker onto paper which fits your planner (resize on your printer) to add the tracker directly to your planner or bullet journal.

31, 30 and 28 Days – Undated Tracker

You will find three versions of the planner tracker in the file. You will find a 31 day version, 31 day version and 28 day version. You will also see that the tracker is undated. Therefore you can use this planner tracker every month.

Use The Tracker As Stickers

If you prefer, you can also use this tracker as stickers for your planner and cut out the icons and add to specific days. This will be helpful if you only plan to have save on occasional days throughout the month.

Print or Use In Digital Planners

You will find a PDF an JPG attached, so you can also add this to a digital planner if you so wish. Add the PDF to your Goodnote digital planner.

This will print on letter / A4 paper or you can use it in a digital journal or add to a coloring app.

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Download Free Spendings Habit Tracker

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