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Free Printable Dinosaur Picture Bingo Cards

Are you on the hunt for an exciting and educational game that will captivate children at parties, in classrooms, or during family gatherings? Look no further, my dino-mite friends! Introducing Dinosaur Themed Bingo Cards, a delightful twist on the classic game that combines entertainment and learning. These free printable bingo cards feature not only the names but also the images of various dinosaurs, allowing kids to have a roaring good time while expanding their knowledge of these prehistoric creatures.

Let’s Dig In: Features and Options

With 15 unique cards available, each showcasing 24 vibrant and adorable dinosaur images, along with a central FREE space, this game is a perfect match for children of all ages. We offer two options for downloading the cards:

  1. 15 separate cards with dinosaurs showing 24 images out of a total of 25 images (which means the game will be quicker to play)
  2. 15 separate cards with dinosaurs showing 24 images out of a total of 50 images (which means the game will be longer to play.

But what’s the difference between 25 and 40 total images, you ask? Well, hold on to your fossilized hats! Each card contains 24 images, so the higher the total images available, the more variations there will be between the cards. In the 25 total image version, most of the cards will share the same dinosaurs, although they will be in different positions. This version results in a quicker game, ideal for dino-themed parties. On the other hand, the 40 total image version offers more variety per card, making the game longer and more challenging. So, choose the version that suits you best, or better yet, go ahead and download them all for maximum dino-fun!

Dinosaur Bingo Card Printing Tips

To embark on your dinosaur bingo adventure, you’ll need a printer and A4 or letter-sized paper. Each bingo card is thoughtfully designed to fit on a single page, ensuring easy printing. For added durability, we recommend using slightly thicker paper stock. And if you plan to have countless dino showdowns, consider laminating the cards to extend their lifespan and allow for easy erasing of markings. It’s time to make these cards as sturdy as a Stegosaurus’s spiky plates!

But wait, there’s more! In the downloadable file, you’ll also find the calling cards. Simply print and cut out the different dinosaur images, preparing them for their important role in the game. They’re ready to roar!

Unearthing the Rules: How to Play Dinosaur Bingo

Playing Dinosaur Bingo is as easy as piecing together a T-Rex skeleton (almost!). Follow these simple steps to embark on an unforgettable prehistoric adventure:

  1. Distribute the Dinosaur Bingo cards: Print and distribute the Dinosaur Themed Bingo Cards to each player, ensuring that each player receives a unique and dino-rific card.
  2. Explain the game rules: Gather your little paleontologists and briefly explain the rules. The objective is to complete a row, column, or diagonal by matching the dinosaur images on the card with the ones called out by the designated “dino-caller.”
  3. Let the dino-calling begin: Designate one person as the dino-caller. This brave soul will randomly draw dinosaur images from a hat, a bag, or perhaps a mysterious time-traveling capsule, announcing each image to the eager players.
  4. Time to mark the dinos: As the players hear a dinosaur being called out, they excitedly mark the corresponding images on their cards. They can use small markers such as bones, pebbles, or even dino-shaped chocolates to cover the images. Alternatively, if you laminated the cards, players can use dry erase markers, allowing for easy reuse in future prehistoric battles.
  5. Bingo alert: The moment of triumph arrives! The first player to complete a row, column, or diagonal by marking five consecutive dinosaur images roars out, “Bingo!” and shakes the ground with their triumphant announcement, alerting the other players to their epic victory.
  6. Verify the dino-win: Once a player claims a bingo, it’s time to put on your archaeologist’s hat and carefully examine their card. Make sure that all the marked images match the called-out dinosaur images. If everything checks out, that player becomes the undisputed champion of the round, hailed as the mighty ruler of the dino-kingdom!

Unleash the Dino-variations!

To add extra excitement and unleash the true potential of your dino-themed bingo extravaganza, we’ve unearthed some thrilling variations for you to explore:

  1. Fossil Discovery: Rather than completing a row, column, or diagonal, challenge players to mark all the dinosaur images on their cardn. This variation requires patience and a keen eye for detail and works best with the 50 total image set.
  2. Dino Memory Hunt: Expand the prehistoric fun by creating an additional set of dinosaur cards for a memory matching game. Lay all the cards face down and take turns flipping two cards at a time. Players must use their sharp memory skills to find matching dinosaur pairs. It’s like a fossil excavation for the mind!
  3. Five in a Roar: Set your sights on marking five dinosaur images in a row, whether vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. And don’t forget, the Free Space can be utilized to complete a row. Roar with victory!
  4. Triceratops Frame: Get creative and fill the outer borders of your bingo card, forming a majestic triceratops frame. This variation excludes the Free Space, challenging players to fully embrace their inner dinosaur.
  5. Pterodactyl Railroad: Mark the 2nd and 4th columns, creating vertical lines on both sides of the Free Space. This railroad-themed variation adds an exciting twist to the traditional game.
  6. T-Rex Cross: Use the Free Space as the center point and mark the images to create an X pattern on the bingo card. Watch out for those mighty T-Rex teeth!
  7. Dino-Plus: Similar to the X pattern, form a plus sign using the Free Space as the central point. This variation adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the game.
  8. Raptor’s Corners: Exercise patience and aim to mark just the four corners of the bingo card. This variation excludes the Free Space and requires the cunning of a velociraptor.

Ready to Roar and Learn?

To add an extra layer of excitement and learning to the game, try incorporating these additional ideas:

  1. Clue-rassic Bingo: Instead of announcing the called-out dinosaur names, give clues to describe them. Watch the young paleontologists put their dino-knowledge to the test as they guess which dinosaur image they need to mark. It’s a puzzling adventure through the ancient world!
  2. Double the Dino-fun: If players are achieving bingos too quickly, challenge them to play with two bingo boards each. This doubles the dino-excitement and slows down their reaction time, making the game even more thrilling.
  3. Speed Dino-challenge: For those seeking an adrenaline-fueled experience, amp up the pace! Instead of pausing between calls, continuously announce dinosaur names or swiftly display the corresponding images. This fast-paced version keeps players on their toes, testing their focus and agility.

With the world of Dinosaur Themed Bingo Cards at your fingertips, you have the power to entertain and educate your young ones like never before. Explore the various gameplay variations, unleash your creativity, and adapt the game to suit your children’s interests. It’s time to embark on a prehistoric adventure filled with laughter, learning, and dino-mite fun!

So, gather your little explorers, print out these free printable dinosaur bingo cards, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the ancient world. As they play, they’ll not only have a blast but also expand their knowledge of different dinosaur species. It’s a win-win situation!

Whether you’re hosting a dino-themed party, planning a classroom activity, or simply looking for a fun family game night, Dinosaur Themed Bingo Cards are here to save the day. And remember, the game is not just about winning but also about fostering a love for learning and sparking curiosity about the incredible creatures that once roamed the Earth.

So, grab your magnifying glass, put on your dinosaur hunter hat, and let the adventure begin! Download your set of Dinosaur Themed Bingo Cards today and watch as your little ones embark on a roaring journey of excitement, education, and unforgettable memories. Get ready to have a stomping good time!


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