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Free Flower or Sohei Sudoku eBook

Here’s a free ebook with 60 flower or Sohei grid Sudoku puzzles. This free puzzle ebook has been optimized for digital devices and will be great for using in Goodnotes, Xodo and other PDF readers (which allow for notes and annotations). Just use your finger or stylus to complete the puzzles.

Flower or Sohei sudoku is played the same way as single grid sudoku, however as the grids overlap, it introduces a new level of trickiness to the puzzle! This is great for times when you are looking for something that little bit extra challenging.

Be warned – these sudoku puzzles are highly addicting and before you know it, you’ll be whiling away a few hours getting engrossed into solving these puzzles!

Tip: Ebook puzzles are great for those of us who find printed puzzles hard to read. Just zoom in to see the larger numbers.

How to Play Sudoku

The rules for Sudoku are simple 🙂 Each row or column must contain the numbers 1 – 9, there can be only one of each number in each row and column. Each box must also include the numbers 1-9. The overlapping boxes must follow the same rules-

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About the Puzzles

There are 60 puzzles with solutions in this ebook. Note: This file has been optimized for reading on a digital device and will not give good quality prints.

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PDF eBook Files

You will find a PDF file to download below. Remember this file has been optimized for quick performance on a digital device and not for printing.

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Download Puzzle File

You can download the files below:

Sudoku Puzzle eBook

Flower Sudoku

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