How do I open my download files?

For convenience, all our downloads are compressed into ZIP files for downloading. A ZIP file allows us to combine multiple files into a single download. It also reduces the size of the download making it quicker for you.

Before using your downloaded files, you first need to extract them from the ZIP file. This is super easy whatever type of computer you use.


If you’re using a computer with Windows, locate your downloaded ZIP file. This will usually be the Downloads folder.

Do not double-click the ZIP file to enter it. If you do, you will be able to see the download files, but you will be unable to use them. They need to be extracted first

Right-click on the ZIP file and click Extract All in the context menu that displays.

WIndows will usually extract the files into the same folder the ZIP file is in. Click the Browse button (1) to select another folder.

If you select the Show extracted files when complete checkbox (2), a new window will open with your extracted files.

Click the Extract button (3) to extract the files.

When completed, you will have a new folder that contains all your downloaded files. You’re now able to open these in your favorite software and print them out.

MacOS / OS X

If you use an Apple Mac computer, extracting your files is even easier than on Windows.

Just locate the downloaded ZIP file and double-click it. Your computer will automatically extract all the download files and place them in a new folder in the same folder as the ZIP file.