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Colorful Tornado Wallpaper – Free Aesthetic Desktop Organizers with Custom Icons, 4 Designs in 3 Ratios for Macs and Windows

Colorful tornado wallpaper with 4 designs & custom icons! Give your desktop a makeover with our free aesthetic desktop wallpapers. This wallpaper features four different designs with an attractive swirling tornado wallpaper pattern.

Our free desktop wallpapers come in three ratios and will fit both Macs and Windows desktop. The ratios in each pack are 3:2, 16:10 and 16:9. If you are not sure what ratio fits your desktop, try Googling the name and model of your computer and look for the ratio – or better still, try the different sizes and see which works best. These are also high resolution files, which will give you crisp looking detail on every screen size.

The files are zipped for ease of download, therefore make sure you unzip the folder before use.

Man and Machine Collaboration!

These wallpapers have been created using a combination of my ideas, artificial intelligence and my digital editing expertise. While this isn’t the first time this has been done, we’re certainly at the forefront of new technology here and it will be interesting to see where this leads!

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Free Custom Icons

Find free custom icons to match this wallpaper included in this pack. Change the icons of the files and folders on your desktop to create a beautiful cohesive look.

Not sure how to change your desktop wallpaper or icons? Check out our tutorial HERE! While this tutorial is about our free desktop wallpaper organizers, the process is the same for any wallpaper.

Customize Your Free Aesthetic Desktop Wallpaper

It’s SUPER EASY to customize our free aesthetic desktop wallpapers. Just use any image editing application to add text, more graphics, calendars etc. It takes just two minutes to create your own aesthetic desktop organizer! Check out the tutorial HERE and take a look at our FREE calendars to create desktop organizer HERE – FREE Calendars 🙂


Colorful Tornado Wallpaper

How Your Files Are Sorted

You will find three folders with one for each size – 3×2, 16×10, 16×9

You will find two icon files, one in PNG format and one in ICO format. You are most likely to use the ICO format.

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