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Black and White Little Kittens Seamless Repeating Pattern Tile

This is a black and white cute little kittens repeating seamless pattern tile that can be used to create repeating pattern backgrounds for your posters, planners, decor – and anything else where an all over repeating pattern will come in handy! The black and white design means that they are also perfect for using to create coloring projects 🙂

There are two sizes of tile in this download – the smaller size is useful for digital projects or where you need a small pattern and the larger size is better for print. However, use whichever size best suits your projects.

The pattern tile is saved as JPG file and will give you great quality prints and digital output.

How to Use Repeating Seamless Pattern Tiles

If you haven’t used repeating tiles before, why not give them a go! Seamless patterns are fun to use because you can create a range of different effects from one single tile and they can be used to fill any shape or size.

Check out our tutorials HERE:

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Download Free Seamless Pattern Tile

You will find the two different sized files in the zip file. Download the zip file below:

Kitten Repeating Pattern 2

I hope you enjoy using these pattern tiles and have fun creating interesting projects 🙂

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