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Free Aesthetic Desktop Wallpaper Organizer Background – Galaxy Sky

Time to give your computer desktop a makeover with our free aesthetic desktop wallpaper organizer – with custom icons! Our free aesthetic desktop wallpaper organizers have been designed to help you organize yourself and your desktop, declutter your digital workspace and give you an attractive and inspirational working environment.

This free aesthetic desktop wallpaper organizer is a stunning galaxy sky designed to awe and inspire with a set of custom icons designed to co-ordinate with the background which you can use with your folders and files.

Wallpaper Organizer With and Without Labels

For your convenience you will find the wallpaper organizers come with and without labels – and also with just the background for you to customize to your requirements. If you love the labels we have used and they are useful to you then use the label version, however if you prefer not to use labels but want to use just boxes to organize your files and folders then the unlabelled version will be perfect for you – and if you prefer just to do your own thing then use the background and add custom icons to create your own effect.

Free aesthetic desktop wallpaper organizers with different dimensions and options

Aesthetic Desktop Wallpaper Organizer in 3 Dimensions

Our free aesthetic desktop wallpaper organizers are available to download below in three dimensions – 3:2, 16:9 and 16:10. This will cover most Windows, Macs and other desktop screen sizes.

We have saved the desktop wallpaper files in super-high resolution to give you a great quality and crystal clear desktop environment.

Free Custom Desktop Icons

Also included in this set are custom desktop icons which have been designed to coordinate with the background. The icons are saved as both ICO files and PNG files. If in doubt, try the ICO files first. You will find instructions in our tutorial.

How to Use Our Free Aesthetic Desktop Wallpapers

You will find a tutorial explaining how to use our free aesthetic desktop wallpaper organizers giving instructions for both Windows and Mac HERE – How to Use Aesthetic Desktop Wallpapers From Makebreaks.

More Free Aesthetic Desktop Wallpapers and Organizers

We have a growing selection of free aesthetic desktop wallpapers and desktop organizers for you to download. Check them out here!

Download the wallpaper organizer below:

Galaxy Sky Desktop Organizer

We hope you enjoy our free downloads as much as we enjoy putting them together – we’d love it if you could share on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram – or anywhere else you think there are people who would find them useful 🙂

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