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Positive Thoughts Wordsearch

Sometimes we need a little extra happiness and positivity in our lives and this wordsearch puzzle will help bring you some positive thoughts! Find a range of words which have been selected because of their positivity and happy connotations. We’ve included two variations of the same word list so you can give one to someone else to do and there’s no fear of copying 🙂

Tips for Completing Wordsearch Puzzles

Here are some tips to help you complete word search puzzles:

  1. Start with a scan: Before diving into the puzzle, take a quick scan of all the letters to familiarize yourself with the grid and get an idea of the words you’re searching for. This initial scan can help you identify any obvious patterns or words that jump out at you.
  2. Look for overlapping letters: Pay attention to letters that are used in multiple words. If you find a letter that is part of one word, it can help you locate other words that share the same letters. This technique can be particularly useful when dealing with longer words or words with uncommon letter combinations.
  3. Search systematically: It’s often helpful to establish a systematic approach to search for words. You can start by searching for words vertically, then horizontally, and finally diagonally. Alternatively, you can choose a specific direction (e.g., left to right) and search for all words in that direction before moving on to the next.
  4. Focus on word lengths: Take note of the length of the words you’re looking for. If you’re searching for a short word, it’s likely to be more common and easier to find. Longer words may be more challenging, so keep an eye out for any longer sequences of letters that could form a word.
  5. Pay attention to word orientation: Words can be placed forwards, backwards, or even diagonally in word search puzzles. Train your eyes to look for words in all possible directions. Remember to search for words both horizontally and vertically, as it’s easy to overlook words that are oriented in the opposite direction.
  6. Cross off found words: As you find words, use a pen or pencil to cross them off the list provided or circle them in the grid. This will help you keep track of the words you’ve already found and prevent duplication or confusion.
  7. Break it down: If the puzzle seems overwhelming, break it down into smaller sections. Focus on one section at a time, and once you’ve completed that section, move on to the next. Breaking the puzzle into smaller parts makes it more manageable and less intimidating.
  8. Take breaks: If you’re struggling to find words or feeling frustrated, take a short break and come back to the puzzle with fresh eyes. Sometimes, a brief pause can help you spot words that you missed before.

About the Puzzles

There are a lot of words in this wordsearch with plenty of overlapping between the letters. This has been designed to keep you busy 🙂 The words can be found horizontally, diagonally and vertically in both directions.

The answer key can be found in a seperate folder within the download file – so you can avoid seeing it until you are ready!

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Download Puzzle File

You can download the jpg and pdf file here:

Happy Wordsearch

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