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Free Tents and Trees Puzzles For Beginners

Free printable tents and trees puzzles 🌳⛺ Take a look at this Tents and Trees puzzles which I’ve created specially for beginners 🙂 If you don’t know tents and trees puzzles, this are engaging logic puzzles where you have to place a tent next to a tree. We have a complete walk through for you here – How to Play Tents and Trees.

These free printable puzzles are perfect for when you want to engage young ones (or indeed yourself!) and without resorting to playing games online or using a device. There’s still a place for good old fashioned paper puzzles 🙂 With a black and white or color version to choose from, printing the puzzles should be simple. Plus, of course, these puzzles come with solutions!

These free printable Tents and Trees puzzles will print on letter / a4 size paper.

Tents and Trees with Tiles

What makes these puzzles a little different is that I have created tiles which can be used instead of drawing in the tent. The benefit of this is multifold. First, it saves drawing in a tent and then erasing it when you realize it’s not quite in the right place 🙂 – and secondly, it’s really good for young players who aren’t confident about their drawing skills yet!

Another benefit is that I have included the correct number of tents for each solution. Again with a view to giving a helping hand to young players!

Of course, you don’t need to use the tiles, just use a pencil and draw in the tents if you prefer!

Level 1 Puzzle

These are puzzles for beginners. The grid is 6×6 which means it isn’t too overwhelming and is relatively quick to finish, however, it’s still challenging and fun. We will be introducing trickier versions in coming weeks.

Tips for Playing Tents and Trees

As well as the full walk through we have HERE, we also have a few tips to share 🙂

  • There are 10 puzzles in this set, perfect for beginners. This means they are great for classroom use or parties as there is less chance of copying
  • Why not laminate the puzzles so they can be played time and time again (or until the player is bored and wants to move to the next level
  • These puzzles are ideal for beginning to teach logic and reasoning

Download Free Tents and Trees Puzzle Level 1

Choose which set you want to download below. Note: The black and white version is the same puzzles as the color.

Tents and Trees Black & White

Tents and Trees Puzzles Level 1 BW

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