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Free Printable Beetle Drive Game

Here is a free printable Beetle game to download and play! This will allow you to play a game of beetle drive in your home. If you have never played Beetle then give it a go 🙂 it’s a fun family game and all you need is a dice and the beetle drive sheets you can download below.

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This is a fun family game to play at any time, but is great to play while staying at home. If you don’t have a dice to hand, print out and make our free printable dice.

How to Play Beetle

Just print the Beetle game onto a sheet of paper – print enough for one sheet per player.

Throw the dice to see who starts (or use your preferred method of choosing the starting player). Then go round the table taking it in turns to throw the dice and then to draw the corresponding body part onto the game sheet.

However, remember that the body has to be drawn first, therefore you need a six to start. Also, the head needs to be drawn before the eyes. Where there are multiple body parts (ie two eyes) draw one each time the relative number is thrown.

The winner is the first one to complete the beetle and should shout ‘BEETLE’! Players then write their scores in the boxes, and the winner is the one with the highest score at the end of the rounds.

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JPG & PDF File in A4 and Letter sizes

You will find both PDF and JPG files in letter and a4 paper sizes, so you can choose the ones which are best for you to print.

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Download Free Printable Beetle Game

You can download the pdf and jpg file here:

Unicorn 'Beetle' Game

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